All inspectors are certified through some accreditation institution (if they’re not, don’t hire them) and state how they are the best.  What sets Bulls Eye Inspection apart is not just the certification and training (all through InterNACHI) but what I do different.

For EVERY Home Inspection I incorporate the use of Infrared (IR) Thermal Imagery Free to you so that I can provide you with the most value for your money.   Using IR allows me to look beyond obvious evidence of moisture intrusion but to find the hidden problem areas – the ones that will cost a lot to fix later!  IR also allows me to identify areas where air leakage and lack of adequate insulation is costing you MONEY!

In addition to IR, I walk all roofs (when safe conditions are present) so that I can get a feel for the strength of the roof and it allows me to find the little items (e.g. exposed nail heads) that might go unnoticed from a drone video or examination from a ladder. And most importantly, I enjoy providing you with a valuable service that allows you to make informed decisions.

Improperly secured ridge shingle; potentially allowing for moisture intrusion and its associated problems.

  • InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector

  • $10,000 Honor Guarantee

  • A modern Spectora report delivered in 24 hours!

  • I have straight-forward pricing and deliver exceptional value for reasonable prices

  • I speak your language and let you know the most important items

  • I use cutting edge and most up to date and technically advanced tools

Transcript provided by InterNACHI, the home inspector organization

Certifications acquired through home inspector training from InterNACHI